Volume 98 Issue 6                                                                                                                                         June 1998

Written By: Peter Denby, Jr.

    This is the month that a lot of people want to get married in. Many women wish to be a 'June Bride'. Marriage is the time when two people invite witnesses to come together while they vow (promise) to each other before God and man that they will love, cherish and honor each other through sickness and health, in goods and bad times, and for richer and poorer, until death do they part. They also ask for the help of the preacher, singers, cooks, servers and others. Unfortunately many people never keep their promise.

    We need to look at our Christian decision in the same way. Our Christian decision is the time when we invite witnesses to come together while we vow (promise) to God and man that we will love, cherish and honor God through sickness and health, in good and bad times, and for richer and poorer until death do we meet. We need to ask for the help of the preacher, singers, teachers and fellow Christians. Unfortunately many Christians never keep their promise.

    WHY? Commitment is a word that we seem not to know. Recently a man got married because he was tired of people asking him when he would get married. He finally said June 13, 1998. He had no idea who he was going to marry. His friends "picked" a bride for him and he met her at the wedding. As odd as this is, I believe that this husband and wife have about as good a chance of staying married as anyone else! For all the benefits of courtship and the ability to 'investigate' someone, commitment and holding to your vow are still the thread that holds marriages and Christians together.

    One reason may be that we have removed the barriers to divorce. Divorce is easy today. Sure there are knock down drag out divorces today. In Bible times adultery was taken as lightly as today, right? NO! The penalty was death by stoning. Divorced women were shunned. Remarriage was not allowed. [The Bible does say that the exception is for those affected by the adultery committed by their mate.]

    Another reason is that we don't make long term commitments today. We are a very mobile society. How many people do you know that have lived their entire life in one town. The younger the age of the person you are looking at the higher the probability that they have moved extensively. If someone moved a lot people use to ask, "Was you father in the military or the ministry?" Today it could be anything! Our long term commitments are: school (Average 10 Years), a house loan (Up to 30 Years) and personal loans (Up to 10 Years). I left out children because many people's 'commitment' to their children ends them up in trouble with state Child Protective Services. While we could discuss the pros and mostly cons of that action, most of the time it still comes down to parental commitment to their children. As Christians you may think all of this does not apply to you. Wake up! Christians are not exempt. Divorce in the Lord's Church is epidemic. As is out-of-wedlock pregnancy, drug/alcohol abuse, and luke warmness. Churches around the world are seeing more baptisms but also more backslidden Christians. Unfortunately the rates are similar to those of the world even though we are told to come out from among them and be ye separate (2 Corinthians 6:12).

    We and the world have tried to deal with this problem by creating a 'program.' Let us use the program that God put in place. We need to not trust in our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5). God's way is always best. It is THE way.

    Along with commitment we need to have a plan. When you go anywhere in your car, do you plan your trip? It doesn't need to be a written plan for it to be a plan. However when we are planning our life we need to commit time for God, family, work and self. We need to determine how fully we will allow God to work through us. It needs to be an active role in the development of our Christian life and more importantly in the life of others. We need to start getting our commitment level up where it should be. Our commitment to God. Our commitment to God's ways. Our commitment to God's commandments.

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Written By: Peter Denby, Jr.

    Today we hear more and more about school violence. When I ask this question I am not dealing with the physical safety. It would be great if the story told years ago were true. The story talked of a depressed drug dealer who was going to commit suicide. Two Campus Crusade for Christ workers were taking a short cut to class when they discovered the man. He told them to "preach to me now" as he pointed a gun at one of the workers. The worker said, "Praise the Lord." The reason given was that he saw getting shot and dying as "a one way ticket home." Salvation is the key. If our children are saved according to the Word of God then they will always be 'safe' at school.

Until we return our children to God, by being an example unto the believers in word, conduct, love, faith and purity (1 Timothy 4:12) we will not have safe schools. Do not panic, but teach that which you know you must, the perfect Word of God. Be an example to friends. and to your children's friends' parents, friends and relatives. We are in a time of war. We need to rearm ourselves and put on the full armor of God. (Ephesians 6:10-19). We need to fulfil the 'Great Commission'. (Matthew 28:19-20) Remember that we are teaching every waking moment.

    We need to work from the bottom up for change in America. The government will change as we get Americans changed. Many companies have listened to us, as well as the government, on occasion. But legislating morality is like preventing pregnancy by getting an abortion. The problem, in this case the taking of human life, is still there. Even Hell has been turned into a mildly unpleasant place. And Heaven has been down graded to something almost available here on Earth. The Bible puts much more distance between HELL, EARTH and HEAVEN. Life is eternal. The quality of t`hat life is what is at stake. Torment in Hell or Paradise in Heaven.

    Our schools, streets and community are generally safe. We are bombarded by media reports of incidents that happen BUT usually are not widespread. However we see too many reports that are not in proportion to reality. Premature deaths are tragic. Physical death is always sad, but with proper planning you can also rejoice for the freedom through salvation of the dead person.


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