The Life of Jesus

I. Jesus born of a virgin

A. Joseph did not get her pregnant Matthew 1:18

B. Born In a manger Luke 2:7

C. Wise men and gifts Matthew 2:9-11

II. In the Temple at age 12

A. Parents lost day and a half away Luke 2:41-52

B. I must be about my Fatherís business Luke 2:49

III. Ministry

A. Jesus baptized Luke 3:21-22

B. 12 Apostles ordained Luke 6:12-16

C. Apostles added (13 & 14) Acts 1:21-26; Acts 9:15

D. Lordís Supper Luke 22:19-20

IV. Death Luke 23:26-49

V. Resurrection Luke 24:1-12

VI. Salvation Acts 2:1-39