Written By: Gerard Letourneau

In keeping with Paul’s exhortation in I Corinthians 11:31, “But if we judged ourselves truly, we should not be judged.” We present you this opportunity for a personal spiritual inventory. This is between you and God, so be brutally honest. It will furnish you with bold evidence of the growth or decline you have made during the last year. It should furnish you with clear direction for growth in the next year.

Grade yourself as follows:
0 - Never, not at all  1 - Occasionally, seldom  2 - Often, usually  3 - Always, without fail

Last year I ...
  1. ___ became a Christian or remained one.
  2. ___ established or maintained a regular daily time of prayer.
  3. ___ established or maintained a regular daily time of Bible study.
  4. ___ prayed for the salvation of lost souls.
  5. ___ prepared for Bible classes in which I participated.
  6. ___ joyously accepted Christian service opportunities offered me.
  7. ___ gave more money to Christ than I intended to.
  8. ___ gave at least 10% of my income to Christ.
  9. ___ entertained Christians in my home overnight or for meals.
10. ___ gave a needy person financial help in the name of Christ.
11. ___ never missed an assembly of the saints unless ill.
12. ___ received answers to my prayers that I can cite.
13. ___ developed power over my severest temptation.
14. ___ overcame several sins which I could site.
15. ___ exhorted other Christians to faithfulness.
16. ___ called on a backslider to attempt restoration.
17. ___ called door-to-door to interest people in Christ.
18. ___ made a special Bible study on a subject of particular interest.
19. ___ telephoned or visited ill saints.
20. ___ made use of filmstrips for teaching lost souls.
21. ___ wrote letters to people about Christ and salvation.
22. ___ lovingly, but firmly took a stand for Christ and against sin before my friends and associates.
23. ___ personally taught a new Christian.
24. ___ kept a Christian atmosphere in my home, screening literature, music and entertainment.
25. ___ established, maintained, or encouraged family devotions in our home.
26. ___ told a teacher or preacher how much I appreciated his efforts.
27. ___ spent time trying to lead lost souls to Christ.
28. ___ held my temper in times of aggravation.
29. ___ happily forgot personal affronts I suffered.
30. ___ refused to talk except constructively about other Christians.
31. ___ suffered money loss because of being a Christian.
32. ___ suffered persecution or ridicule because of being a Christian.
33. ___ worked out home problems with prayer instead of bickering or non communication.
34. ___ gave out gospel tracts, pamphlets, and charts.
35. ___ lovingly subjected myself to my husband, letting him lead the home.  (Wives only.)
36. ___ took personal problems to the Lord before worrying about them.
37. ___ consciously sought to dress and adorn myself in a way well pleasing to God.
38. ___ put the spiritual and physical welfare of my family first in my decisions because of my love for them.
              (Husbands only.)
39. ___ stayed away from sources of temptation that I could not overcome.
40. ___ specifically urged someone to leave denominational religion for the simple New Testament.
41. ___ attended assemblies of the saints only after prayer and heart preparation.
42. ___ observed the Lord's Supper meaningfully.
43. ___ sang with the Spirit and understanding also.
44. ___ spent more time and effort making myself spiritually attractive than physically attractive.
45. ___ listened attentively to the views on the Bible of someone with whom I disagreed.
46. ___ shed tears over spiritual problems of my own or others.
47. ___ encouraged another congregation of the church of Christ with words, letters, prayers, or financial
48. ___ cheerfully accepted the will of God when it was not what I wanted.
49. ___ carefully guarded against self-pity or discouragement in my personal life and was successful.
50. ___ was driven to prayer at unscheduled times.


The 50 statements on which you graded yourself cover eight areas of the Christian life. You should be interested in the areas where you score the highest and lowest. Below are the eight areas and what your score means in each.

1. My Personal Growth (I Thessalonians 5:17; II Timothy 2:15)
          Statements 1 2 3 12 18 36 44 46 48 49 50.
Scores: 33-28 You made tremendous personal growth this year.  Thank God for it and keep it up next year.
               27-19 You made growth this past year, but need to practice prayer and Bible study more regularly.
               19-00 You are neglecting the inner you. Your front will soon wear through showing you to be an empty
                          spiritless person. Take immediate steps to develop prayer, Bible study, and meditation.

2. Handling Temptation and Sin (James 4:7)
          Statements 13 14 28 29 39.
Scores: 15-13 You are learning James 4:7 ( or else your biggest temptation is cheating on tests, and you just
                          did.)  You will need to learn I Corinthians 10:12.
               12-08 You know how to avoid temptation, but didn't do as good a job overcoming as you could.
               07-00 You are in the same predicament as Cain. “You should rule over it.” Genesis 4:7

3. Stewardship of Time and Money (Matthew 6:33)
          Statements 6 7 8 9 10 31 32.
Scores: 21-16 You tasted the real joy of life-giving. Give more next year and it will taste even better.
               15-10 You apparently didn't even live up to God's minimum If you did you certainly were tight with
                          everything else Chances are you didn't enjoy what you did give.
               10-00 You have obviously believed Christianity is a one way street with God doing all the giving. You
                          need to study the concept of stewardship.

4. Concern for Evangelism (Acts 20:20)
          Statements 4 17 20 21 27 34 40 45.
Scores: 24-20 If you didn't win someone to Christ this year, it's a wonder. Keep up your concern and you will
                          this year.
              19-13 You used some of the provided avenues of evangelism. Now try the rest of them and try them
                         with more regularity.
              13-00 You can be thankful that not everyone has as little interest in saving the lost as you have or else
                          you would not even be a Christian. John 15:5-8 suggests that your fruitlessness will be grounds
                          for rejection.

5. Home Life (Ephesians 5:22-25; 6:4)
          Statements 24 25 33 35 36 38.
Scores: 15-13 You are on your way to making Christ indeed the head of your home. And things do run
                           smoother that way, don't they?
               12-08 Consistency is all you need to make your home run like God wants it in the coming year.
               07-00 You just haven't gotten the picture of the home as God would have it. Be sure to read all the
                           articles on the home everywhere and study your Bible to learn what God wants you to do to
                           make your home happy and Christian.

6. Concern for the Brethren (James 5:19-20)
          Statements 9 15 16 19 23 30.
Scores: 18-14 You are getting the concept of the church being a body, with members dependent one upon
                          another.  Cultivate that idea and next year will be a banner year for the church.
               13-09 Apparently you had to drive yourself to care for your brethren. This coming year look upon  their
                           needs as your opportunity to express love. Quit letting self take first place.
                07-00 If everyone in the church was like you, there wouldn't be any. Shame on you.

7. Your Example (Romans 14:7)
          Statements 6 11 15 22 27 30 37 43 44 47.
Scores: 30-26 You took seriously verses like Romans 14:7 and the church was better because of your concern
                          about your example.
               25-18 You are getting the idea of your responsibility towards others. Keep in mind that others are
                           watching you, and your actions speak louder than what you say, or profess. Be more diligent on
                           those questions that you scored poorly on.
              17-00  You were the epitome of selfishness. This coming year needs to be a year when you empty self
                           out and get more of Christ and more concern for how your life affects others.

8. Contribution to the Assemblies of Saints(Hebrews 10:25)
          Statements 5 11 26 41 42 43.
Scores: 18-14  You assembled because you wanted to. You took home blessings because you expected to
                           and prepared yourself to. Assemblies will be good for you this next year because you make
                           them good.
               13-09 All you lacked was regularity in spiritual preparation and participation in the assemblies. Add
                           that next year and you will find your joy increasing each service.
               08-00 Somebody must have been dragging you to assemblies. You got little out of them because you
                           put little in. You were bored. You know there's no virtue in such attendance, so start putting
                           something spiritual into each service.