Written By: Peter Denby, Jr.

How would you like to be a genius? I am sure that most people like the idea. Well this is how to become a genius. Read and follow the Bible. The Word of Truth. We have so many people become so wise. Don't believe it. The Bible makes it clear that the only knowledge that will be worth anything is spiritual knowledge.

Yet where do we spend our time getting knowledge? Watching the TV? Buried in a book? OR are we buried in the Bible trying to find out how we can help ourselves AND others. “All to Jesus I surrender, all to Him I freely give.” Does this include your free time too? I say Your free time, but is it yours? No! Like everything else you possess it belongs to God. God asks that return to Him what is His. He wants us to return to Him His time that He has given to us. He wants it returned to Him by us WORKING for Him. He has many things that you can be doing for Him. We need to be looking for these things and then getting off our duffs and getting to work for Him. Studying is a way of helping Him but we need to make sure that we are not using it as an excuse for staying home. We need to balance our study and our helping of others.
One of the best ways to become a genius is to go out and find out what you don't know. If you are doing a Bible study and someone asks you a question that you do not know the answer to, feel good. You are being given an opportunity to learn. Many times the honesty of you saying “I don't know the answer, however I will find it out for you by the next time we meet together” will show the person that you truly are interested not only in teaching them but in learning for yourself. Let them know that you want to learn from them, if possible, and to learn from the questions they ask. Life is never a one way street. You will always be learning. Make sure that you are putting spiritual knowledge first.

Any genius will know to use other peoples knowledge. Use your elder Christians. Not necessarily the oldest people. Use the people who have been Christians the longest. How ill you use them? You will find that they are generally very willing to pass their knowledge on to you. Find a time to talk with them about the Bible. LISTEN carefully to what they have to tell you about the Bible and its characters. Listen to them tell you about salvation and living the life of a Christian. They can help you study on your own. They can help you when temptation arises. However remember they are human too. Many times people ruin a good thing by smothering a person.

Remember that they need room to do their own thing too. Their knowledge is only to supplement God's Word - NEVER to replace it.