Written By: Peter Denby, Jr.

This is a question that we all should ask! I would like you to really think before you answer. Of course the common answer is "to be with Jesus." Great. I wonder how many of us have thought about the reasons since we became a Christian.

What were your motivations? Are they still your motivations today? If we look at the reasons we see two major reasons.

First, For God. We are separated from our Father in Heaven. And we hurt Him every time that we sin. So if we want Him to feel better then we need to become a Christian.

Secondly, For Us. Eternal life really is a big draw. Peace of mind is nice too. A nice cool and peaceful place to spend eternity has a real nice sound. We need to get our sinful nature forgiven and we need to remember that it is a continual process. (I know I have put this in a funny manner but our image as sour face stiffs needs to be aligned with the Bible. We are allowed to have fun.)

1 John 1 tells us some interesting facts about our salvation. Find your reason and compare it to your original reason. Good Luck!