Written By: Peter Denby, Jr.

    Obviously if you have children living at home GET THEM TO CAMP WITH YOU! However this is not what I am talking about.

    Today, so many of our non parent adults, or even parents without children at home, believe that camp is for kids. I am glad that there are many who donít follow that at Douglas Camp in Douglas, Massachusetts. Each year they rebuild one building. Many times they have to pull a foundation and then put in a new sill and level a building. One of the things that this requires is strong people. It also teaches a real respect for others and the trust that we need to put in them. When you are jacking up a building, you take extra care to make sure it wonít come down on a fellow worker. However the best part of the work is the chance to talk. Many times people get together as they work and discuss the Bible. Or they discuss what we can do about the world today. Many times it will be about what has worked in the area that the people came from.

    Douglas Camp pulls from all over New England, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia (not to mention us diehards that return from all over!) so sometimes this will be the only time teachers can get together to discuss ideas. Godís Word is unchanging but the world is not. While I am not saying we need to follow every new way of teaching, we need to do what it takes, as long as it is in line with the Bible.
I also love to go Ďhome.í I was reborn in New England and Ďgrew upí there. I know that there are many people who do travel back to be with the Christians they know so well. More than a Ďfamily reunioní, it is a time to get special knowledge from them.

    I dealt with the fringe issues first. Now the Ďmeatí of the matter. Only one is perfect. No offense, but it is not any of you. Guess what, I donít qualify either. Only Jesus qualifies as perfect. Thus, you and I need the teaching that a camp can bring. During camp you will get intense teaching. Twenty eight times a week. That's almost ten times your normal week of learning. You might learn something! Donít be afraid, it wonít hurt, unless you donít want to change for God!

    You could just go to camp to have fun,   SO SEE YOU AT CAMP THIS YEAR.

The Churches in the Northeast are meeting at a NEW bible camp.
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